The AIM 72nd Sheepdogs is not an extremist group

This should not need to be stated, but I will state it in no uncertain terms.

The Arkansas Infantry Militia – 72nd Sheepdogs is in no way an extremist, fascist, supremacist, or oppressive organization. Here is our official statement to that fact, which has been endorsed by our commander, myself (Col. Rotty – OX-CO), and all members of our command group. If any member is found to be violating this policy, then they will be dismissed with prejudice.

The 72nd Sheepdogs is primarily a community service organization. Our mission is to serve the good people of the great state of Arkansas in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency, and to train people to help themselves, their families, and their communities.

We respect the rights of all people, and their rights to free speech and assembly. We swear an oath to defend the constitution, so we will never support any group that is unconstitutional and/or unlawfully violent.

We don’t support acts of terror, or oppression either domestic or foreign. Our organization wants to provide for all Americans/Arkansans a place to come together and support our state and our local communities without fear of discrimination.

Extremist need not apply.

Not only is this our official policy, but further more, we specifically target low income, legal immigrants, and people of color to bring them the training and support that other organizations don’t, won’t, or don’t have the resources for, so that they may help themselves and their families in any emergency situation.

We welcome people of color, legal immigrants, and all patriotic Americans/Arkansans to join with us in serving all of the members of our state that we possibly can.

Very Respectfully,

Col. Rotty

AIM 72nd Sheepdogs
Commander – Auxiliary Division (OX-CO)