Ox Commander’s Corner 1

The Arkansas Infantry Militia – 72nd Sheepdogs is made up of two basic units.  There is the infantry side which is our boots on the ground fighting, rescue side, and there is the Auxiliary side (OX).  I am Col. Rotty, and I command the OX side of this organization.  Our job is to support the Infantry side.

In order to fulfill our mission requires us to be organized differently from the fighting, boots on the ground side.  To this end we are organized into several branches, and each branch is sub-organized into ratings.  Yes, I’m a Navy veteran, and I use navy jargon to organize things… deal with it. Lol

We have a great deal of territory to cover, and all of our branches need to work together.  Our duties run the gamut from double naught spies to dishwashers.  All of these people need to work together to complete our mission objective.

We do have an OX Division MTOE posted to the Sheepdog forum (Membership required) which gives a breakdown of our side of the organization.

Our current and future goals within the OX division are to continue to build our infrastructure, to recruit more high quality people, and to continue to build our organization.  We have a lot of command positions to fill at this point, so if you have applicable skills, a yearning to help your fellow Arkansans, and the time to devote – then we need you in the 72nd Sheepdogs.